Rodan Media In Brief

Rodan Media Group is a team of people creating online media with a focus on long-term development projects centered around news, law, travel and entertainment. Rodan concentrates its business operations in three key areas.


1) We provide small business their web presence, often for the first time, from registering their first domain and building a starter website to setting up a social media presence.


2) We work with established businesses grow their digital presence through unique content development and curation, plus social media branding and direct user engagement.


3) We build exclusive platforms for the long-term curation and development of news, informational and entertainment content, exclusively for online media domains, thus creating unique monetization opportunities while providing valuable user information services.


More About Rodan

Online Media


Through our media division, Rodan develops websites that offer specific user engagement on custom content platforms. These unique channels create premium monetization opportunities while offering users relevant, useful and desired content.


Rodan Media also provides website development services and social media promotion to small business. We specialize in building and maintaining a strong digital presence through scalable content development and social media branding, visibility and user engagement.



Digital Content


Through its content development division, Rodan Media provides creative services to business clients and to our media partners. Our high-quality standards derive from nearly 30 years experience in broadcast, print and online media production, bringing a unique and award-winning insights to content development strategies.


Our creatives and derivative content development includes original research and writing, graphic design, photo compositing, audio production, voice-over services, as well as video editing and production, and post-production audio.





Rodan Media invests in domains as part of its online development strategies. We select, hold and develop domains that have potential for specific media niches, particularly in the legal, travel, news and entertainment channels.


Additionally, we manage the domains of many of our small business clients.


Occasionally, Rodan Media will sell domains that are known to have intrinsic value but no longer have development interest to the company. Other domains are long-term investments that are available for acquisition to interested parties.



2001 to Today


Rodan Media was originally conceived in 1996 to be a broadcasting services company. By the time the company was initially founded, in 2001, multiple services were on the menu of offerings. These included web design, print advertising, magazine publishing and voice-overs.


The company was reincorporated in 2009 to provide scalable development services to the domain industry, along with audio-visual services to the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. domain show, which concluded a ten-year run in 2014.


Today, Rodan Media concentrates its efforts on long-term, scalable media development and helping small business attain and expand their online presence, both through initial deployment and via content and advertising channels that drive relevant traffic.