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About the project

First conceived in late 2008, has grown into a trusted travel site that is used by over 150,000 visitors every month, with annual traffic growing more than 55%, year on year, as of June 2017.


The site was originally constructed to provide information for travelers on Florida toll roads, with a plan to expand nationwide, eventually offering advertisers premium placement before a very specific audience. Additionally, a delivery service was established to permit drivers to order an electronic toll transponder.


The site now covers dozens of roadways across ten states, and it is rapidly expanding coverage to include all toll roads and bridges, coast to coast.


As the site has grown — as it has been learned how visitors are using the data, features of the site have been tailored with specific information. Visitor trends are also a guide for planning new, premium services that will generate subscription-based revenue, in addition to the current revenue sources.


Those revenue channels include the transponder courier services, advertising and hotel reservations, which were added in 2015. Recently, new search features were added for users to find hotels near their exits and make reservations through the site.




About the project

This website was rescued from a portal in late 2012. The Fort Lauderdale firm of Bogenschutz, Dutko & Kroll, P.A. was referred to Rodan Media Group by another local business. At the time, the prestigious law firm was paying nearly $1,000 for what amounted to little more than a hosting package. That fee did include a premium listing on an attorney referral and information site for the portal, but it did not do much to aid the rankings of the firm's website.


In fact, the law firm's website scarcely represented the firm, in addition to barely ranking in any search engines. There was no effort at social media branding and promoton.


Immediately, Rodan set to work acquiring defensive registrations to protect the firm's partners' names online. Social media accounts were set up on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. We directed the company to set up their own hosting through their domain registrar. After that, we set about migrating their domain and building a new site.


A new logo was created, and a brand-new site created, one that reflected the status of the firm. It then became important to get the firm a level of social media recognition, as well as anchor them to the Fort Lauderdale community. While Bogenschutz, Dutko & Kroll, P.A. is a well-known firm, their online presence was a virtual null.


A news section, similar to a blog, was set up. Stories about law, crime, and even a exposé about the new Broward County Courthouse, were all composed for this special section of the site. The articles generated thousands of unique visitors in short order, and that quickly ranked


That elevation in rank has been maintained, and the site has recently undergone another overhaul to add additional responsive features to the domain. The firm has thousands of page likes on Facebook, and their website gets hundreds of visits per week.



City Commissioner Dean Trantalis

About the project

Rodan Media has been handling Dean Trantalis' polical media since 2008, when Mr. Trantalis started his run for Fort Lauderdale Mayor. While he lost the race in early 2009, amid a field of four candidates, he did pick up 30% of the vote, and his candidacy mobilized whole segments of the community.


It was during a special election in 2012 that Rodan was able to come to Mr. Trantalis' aid once more, providing a full range of media services for his campaign for city commissioner, which was succesful, as was the reelection campaign in 2015.


Time and again, Rodan Media has developed the email campaigns, designed the print and electronic media, including signs, posters, cards, mailers and the website, as well as run social media campaigns to bring out donors and voters.


Rodan Media also acquired defensive domain registrations on Mr. Trantalis' behalf, which, along with the website, we maintain to this day.

About the project was completed in just about three weeks, as this was the premiere website for one of Fort Lauderdale's oldest printing firms online for the first time. A rapid turnaround was key to quickly modernizing the company's online presence.


While the company did have a domain name, it was a one-page lander that had no meta tags or other keyword optimization of any kind. In fact, the site was nearly a ghost online. What's more, the company's email, through its previous hosting company, was unreliable and sometimes would go offline for several days. As one of the printers for Florida's state government, and as the printer for City Furniture, one of Florida's largest home-based furniture distributors, such electronic travails were untenable.


Rodan Media immediately set to work migrating the company's email to a new hosting platform, and a technician was sent to the printing facility, itself, to configure the computers to the new protocols. Then, it was time to put a real website online. had only been a graphic site, and the owners did not want a large, confusing site that would turn away customers. Rodan Media's designers recommended a highly-animated site with attractive calls-to-action. For good customer service, not to mention smart business, Rodan Media also installed an FTP uploader for print clients to send large files directly to Printmaster's servers.